Last November, took place in Buenos Aires the 13th edition of the Argentine Videogames Expo (EXPO EVA).


“We are a creative industry that celebrates its first 15 years of life with a significant level of growth” says Miguel Martin, Executive Director of ADVA. “Our products and services are recognized all over the world because of our creativity, professionalism and quality. Our ecosystem is composed by more than 65 companies that employ more than 2000 highly skilled professionals.”

EVA means dialogue, business and training. There were workshops, conferences, round tables, business rounds and EXPO Floor.

Since 2003, ADVA has organized the Argentine Videogames Expo (EVA) in Buenos Aires. “Every year, our flagship event is visited by over 2000 attendees, who come from all over the country and Latin America”.

Like the GDC, EVA consists of a series of conferences about game development where people gather to learn about the latest advances in programming, game design, art and business in the industry.

With International Speakers like RACHEL BONDI (IBM), Sarah Stocker and Mark Danks (Wear Lynx), Brian Moriarty (LOOM) and Andy Hess (Epic Games) between others and over 20 local and regional speakers.

Last edition of EVA was a massive success, including also sponsors like IBM, Epic Games/ Unreal Engine, Google and many other companies and institutions came along and supported this 13th edition.

Over 50 Argentine games were presented in the Interactive Space.

You can find out more about what happened during EVA 2015 in their Youtube Channel.

The event is now traveling around Argentina under the name “EVA X” and had editions in: EVAx Mar del PlataEVAx Mendoza and EVAx Cordoba.

About the Argentine Game Developers Association (ADVA)
The Argentine Game Developers Association (ADVA) was founded in 2000. ADVA is a non-profit organization composed by developers, companies and other industry professionals. Currently, ADVA represents almost thirty companies. Its main goal is to promote the growth of videogame industry in Argentina. ADVA is the main contact point for each international company or individual interested in seeking new opportunities for game development in Argentina.