Join the Space Cadets on the adventure and fly through space, the final frontier where no man has gone before. Shoot and crush the cadets through magical galaxies with teleport pods, visiting wondrous planets and avoiding the dangers of space to become the first to conquer the Universe! Addicting mobile games just keep getting better with this action adventure game!

Teravision Games has been developing games for over 9 years for companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, Namco and Atari, but since last year we decided (and we were able to) start working on our own games” says Enrique Fuentes, Venezuelan entrepreneur and Director of Teravision Games. “We have 3 games currently in production.”


Developed by Colombian studio Teravision Games and Silvermille from Finland “Avoid the Void” is completely FREE to Play and is now available for Android and iOS only in COLOMBIA, VENEZUELA and CANADA.

About Teravision

Leading video games developer with focus on mobile and web platforms with more the 70 games developed for clients like Disney, Nickelodeon and DHX