On September 2015, Blue Rider was Greenlit on Steam after only 8 days since its application. Argentinean Ravegan’s new arcade like shoot em’ up in 3D, will be released this February on Steam and Windows 10.

The game will also be released on PS4 and Xbox One the second quarter of 2016.

In Blue Rider you must save the world fighting against evil enemy robots with all your power. You are the only one who can prevent the end of the world!
In this amazing trip you will find fearsome hordes of robots that won’t let you take a break. And, in every stage, one boss will make you go crazy! Take that for granted.

Blue Rider is about freedom, so sometimes you will have a partner to help you with your aim: the Amigo, a little robot that you need to set free. However, most of the time you must fight alone so hope is only on your hands… or your keyboard… or your joystick!

About the Company
Ravegan is a game development and outsourcing company from Córdoba, Argentina. The core team’s members count with +10 years of experience, providing the entertainment industry from all around the globe with top-notch artworks from every different artistic discipline.