Brazilian startup Youfacer created a platform for distribution of virtual reality content (VR), which can be used in entertainment sectors, games, education and e-commerce into one virtual environment.

The development project aims to transform the form of man-PC interaction. Browse Facebook, watch a 360 ° Youtube video, study or shop in a virtual shopping are some of the options available in Youfacer. The platform will be available for PC, web and devices with Android and iOS, and will be compatible with devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard, among others.

The platform, which is expected to be launched in 2017, brings experience that make the use of virtual reality devices, something common in our day-to-day, as we have used smartphones, for example.

Felipe Coimbra, director of the company justifies the investment in a virtual reality device. “We will solve the problem of access to the virtual reality content, whose biggest challenge is to make the virtual experience something common in our daily lives, and that we have achieved after many usability tests Youfacer interface.”

The platform will also offer its users a virtual assistant named Steve, who will accompany the customer throughout the buying experience on the platform, communicating with him and performing tasks through voice commands.

Study of Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research projects that by 2025 more than 327 million people use tools and virtual reality devices in their daily lives. This market estimates gross over $ 17 billion worldwide, according to the company.