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Capcom Pro Tour 2016 Details RevealedWith the competitive season already in full swing, Capcom’s Peter “Combofiend” Rosas and Twitch’s Mike Ross joined forces to unveil the schedule for Capcom Pro Tour 2016.

Similar to last year’s circuit, the action will kick off in France with Cannes Winter Clash before moving onto Final Round 19 for the first premier event. But instead of Ultra Street Fighter IV, the all-new Street Fighter V will form the basis of this new tour.

As always, Capcom aims to make sure the entire fighting game community is represented, not just the upper echelons of players from Japan, the United States, and Europe. Thirty-two players will make up the finals at Capcom Cup, with eleven chosen directly from Premier events like the aforementioned Final Round, Evo, NorCal Regionals, South East Asia Major, Canada Cup, and more.

There is one twist, however: if a player who has already qualified for Capcom Cup wins another premier tournament, that spot will become another global ranking qualifier. No more second, third, fourth, etc. placers getting into the main event automatically…you gotta walk away with the gold!

After that, Capcom will be expanding the model of Capcom Pro Tour Asia to other regions with Capcom Pro Tour North America, Europe, and Latin America. Every region will have twelve ranking events and two online events. Winning one of the rankings events will give you a ticket to the region’s main event, and each of these individual areas will have their own leaderboard that Capcom Cup also draws players from.

Oh, and last year’s champion Kazunoko will not be given free entry. He has to earn a spot like everyone else.

It’s pretty complicated, but at the end of the day this will ensure that Capcom Cup remains a truly global event, with representation from the farthest corners of the fighting game community. We’re sure you want to start planning your itinerary, so check out the full schedule below.

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