The largest MMO 3D UGC Game for kids, brings new immersive and interactive experiences.

Creapolis, the creations game, which is part of Creators Transmedia, welcomed 2016 with exciting new features. The game was web-based so far, and it plans to have a huge reengineering of the engine that will make it mobile.

Moreover, Creapolis is working on the development of new features, new gameplay, scenarios and a graphic redesign as part of the strategy being conducted by A365 Studios, which seeks to promote the growth of audience (where 5 million children are part), and consolidate the transmedia linking all platforms: Aula365 (World’s largest virtual school), Kids News (First interactive school newspaper with augmented reality and 3D), Creators (First Transmedia TV Series for children), and a suite of mobile apps that complete this universe included Creators VR, the first immersive mobile experience for a TV series.



Creapolis proposes creation loops, and this is the principal distinction of other games based on user generated content: each creation becomes a new game that other children can play. For instance, if a kid composes music, this becomes a dance game, or if the kid draw a paint, this can become a puzzle.

The objectives set for 2016 will have a special focus on empowering the community, providing an improved environment of IDoTainment  so the kids can continue to learn from their own creations.

With the support of Speedy, Creators Transmedia has major partners such as Telefe, Sony, HSBC, Planeta Editorial, Perfil Editorial, Movistar, among others, and has been declared of Cultural Interest recently by the Chamber of Deputies and also received the highest award of the UN, the WSA for the category “Entertainment & Games”.