Developed by Brazilian Among GiantsDistorções (Distortions) is a game of musical psychodrama. Set in a deserted, surreal environment, a girl embarks on a journey of self-knowledge. The only things she can rely on are an old violin and a lonely, forgotten road. She knows she can´t stray from the road …”Always follow the road.”

A girl wakes up from a hospital bed, and she finds herself in an unfamiliar place. She emerges from the bed and realizes that time appears to have stopped. Objects are frozen in mid-air, unaffected by gravity. At her touch, the once motionless objects return to life and fall to the ground. In front of her is a road leading to a destroyed stadium in the distant horizon. She follows the road. Off in the distance, she begins to see a strange, giant creature chained to the stadium ..

Distortions is a musical psychodrama game of exploration and suspense. The player guides the protagonist, a young girl, on a journey through a vast and lonely world. At her disposal is a violin that the player must use to play music that can protect her, defeat enemies, manipulate the environment, and much more.Distortions is a 3D game set in third-person. It will be available for PC and Mac platforms. The game it divided into chapters. Currently, Prologue and Act I are being produced. The Prologue features music courtesy of the american group Hopesfall and the brazilian group Labirinto.

The Distortion tools are a collection of programing and art tools created to help during the Distortions game developing.The main concept behind the distortion tools it is to speed up the process of making huge games for small teams.The Distortion tools was created on top of the c4 engine.Here are some cool features of the distortion tools.

Super easy camera creations. Just need a few clicks to make almost any kind of camera in game or for cutscenes. It´s very easy to change the gameplay in runtime, for something like a sidescrolling game, a first person, or a top view or anything you can imagine.

Realistic baked and dynamic global lightning with a few clicks, what do you see in your ray trace software, like v-ray you see in the game. The baked lightning information affect dynamics objects. Here it´s a video showing the process.

Pre made shader and script solutions for destroy and build worlds in real time. Feel free to change the whole level in real time.

Huge terrain texture pallet library and pre made peaces of natural formation for making voxels terrain out of box.With different themes and art stiles.

..Tons of modular levels, props, and shader for fast level building. Library of script events,Environment set ups, including light, art direction, particles and weather. Peaces of phisical level situations, and more. Anyone can build levels without the help of a programmer,or the art director.

The team behind distortions is conformed by 4 guys with very different formations, but with the same passion for games, and experimentations. Their goal its always try to bring a fresh and new thing that could help the game midia.” WE LOVE WHAT WE DO”, says Thiago Girello, ” so we make sure that you always will play something great, fresh and with a lot of love. from us. We release our games just when they are great, even if sometimes this can take a little longer”.

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