Less than one month after launching its crowdfunding campaign on FigDouble Fine has officially reached its initial $3.3 million from over 18,000 backers for its new game, Psychonauts 2.


According to Wired UK, the $3.3 million target won’t likely cover the costs of the game in total, either — Double Fine is “putting up a significant portion of the development funds”, with the crowdfunding bolstering finances and rallying support for the game.

Double Fine boss, Tim Schafer, previously stated: “We picked 3.3 [million dollars] because it’s a callback to our awesome Broken Age Kickstarter that we did. Like we did with Broken Age, we’re also going to pitch in a whole bunch of our own money. So, we’re going to put a chunk of our money in, and we’re bringing in an external partner to bring in another chunk. Each one of those, probably on its own, could not achieve the budget, which together make a budget that’s really in the same ballpark as the first game.”