Chocolab is a safe and educational app that allows kids to play and learn without limit or interruption. The only limit is their own imagination!

Designed with free play in mind, this app allows kids to create, learn and be amazed and surprised by what they find.

In Chocolab you can CREATE YOUR OWN CHOCOLATE SURPRISE! An egg, a hen or a bunny perhaps? blue or green? with a bow or a basket? Is up to you.  At Chocolab you can craft thousands of combinations mixing colors, shapes, textures and fancy decorations.

Once you craft a chocolate you love, take a picture, add it to your collection and show it to your family and friends. Open your creations and find the hidden surprises! There are 14 minigames to play non-stop and have fun learning.

Chocolab by Kidloom is a free educational app that children will love. The app allows them to experiment and create their own chocolate surprises and it includes 14 minigames designed to help children develop skills such as:

– Classifying and Conceptualizing.
– Hand-eye coordination.
– Concentration.
– Making abstraction.
– Logical thinking.

The game has NO time limits, no score and NO ADS!! GET IT NOW on the AppStore or the Google Play Store.