Creative director Estefano Palacios says “To Leave” is the first indie game of Freaky Creations, AND the first indie game out of Ecuador AND the first one coming to PS4 and Vita thanks to Sony’s Latin Incubation Program.

By using his treasured flying Door, young Harm struggles to leave behind his sophisticated life in the ravenous megalopolis of Pyre, who now in turn seeks to devour him.


Harm’s Door is very delicate! Even the slightest touch against seemingly harmless things and, whoosh! the Door will burst open, absorbing Harm and setting him back, sometimes to the loss of all progress, and right into the very life he fought so hard to leave behind. Still, Harm will always keep trying to leave, for memory of his life in Pyre will keep propelling him to start again, until he’s able to overcome adversity, and finally break free…


The game has around 80 different sections and each section of the game has unique aesthetics, hand painted and in a really meticulous way.

The music has been composed specifically for the game, and each and every experience that we want to transmit is designed by our musical team. You can check the Original Soundtrack from this Soundcloud link


You can also follow the developer’s blog here.

The game doesn’t have a release date yet but we know it will be released in Windows / Mac / Linux, PS4 and PSVita.

ABOUT FREAKY CREATIONS: Freaky Creations is an independent game development studio based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. We focus our effort in exploring morality and the human condition, relying on interactive experiences to do so