When learning is an adventure, children never stop exploring. With Epic Heroes of Knowledge, Yogome has built the adventure of a lifetime. Your children will have fun and develop their intellectual skills at the same time!

Can the Yogotars defeat Queen Ignorantia and save the Galaxy of Knowledge? With your child’s help, they can! Educational mini-games in 8 key subjects (including math, science, programming and languages) build your child’s skills and earn them PowerCubes, which give their Yogotar the strength to defeat Ignorantia’s evil forces.

Players can explore 8 planets, unlock special badges, and capture amazing characters like Wifi Warrior, T-Rex and Continental Divider. The more your child learns, the more their power will grow! Plus, players can feed and evolve their characters in their very own Yogovillage, and challenge their friends to head-to-head battles!

“When we started 5 years ago we knew this day would come” says Manolo Diaz ,  CEO & Co-Founder of Yogome. “We finally have the chance to present the best version of our product, a vision we’ve had from our humble beginnings. We strive to give families all over the world a fun, exciting and rewarding learning experience. The Yogome team, comprised of educators, engineers, illustrators, animators, investors and advisors, has worked hard to deliver what we believe is the best learning platform available on the market. We are excited for you to try our game and we hope you have as much fun playing it as we’ve had creating it.”

Parents can join in on the fun too! Download our new Parent Dashboard where you can keep track of your child’s progress and send them challenges. Plus, you will receive learning tips that can help you support your child’s learning and ideas for fun educational activities and games you can do along with your child.

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Yogome is building the most engaging portfolio  of mobile learning games for kids ages 6-11. It includes over 1,000 educational mini-games packed into 8 subjects covering grades Kindergarten to 5th and available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese).

For tablets and smartphones in more than 150 countries, and you can find it in the App Store and Google Play.

About Yogome

We believe that children can learn new things and reinforce the knowledge acquired in school without this being tedious or boring. Studying science or practicing math doesn’t have to be annoying. All the knowledge that children should acquire during their basic education can be learned in an entertaining and fun way.

Playing is the natural way for children to learn. Children understand and interpret the world around them through playing. That’s why our challenge is to find the right formula to combine playing, learning and fun with each and every one of our mobile educational games.

Technology has pushed educators to question the effectiveness of some of the traditional learning models and to promote better methodologies within the field of interactive learning.

Mobile educational games can offer children and parents an endless catalog of content and information for all ages and levels. They are also a useful tool to approach new skills easily and dynamically.

The challenge for mobile educational games is to create a fun, motivating and engaging environment with activities that can help children create meaningful learning through their own interactive experience.

To create a unique experience for our users and their parents.

To become the best global company for mobile educational games.

We want to reach all the Heroes of Knowledge who are willing to defeat ignorance while having fun.

Yogome has offices both in the USA and Mexico.