Halsey Minor, the founder of CNET, today announced at Oculus Connect the launch of Voxelus, an ‘end-to-end’ virtual reality content creation platform for PC and Mac that lets anyone easily create VR games, experiences, and places without the need of code.

Voxelus is a platform that allows anyone, anywhere to create, share and play virtual reality games and experiences without writing a single line of code. Voxelus includes a bundle of free assets that you can use to design with more content coming out every week.

Voxelus also features a stand-alone player app that plays the content created with the desktop tool on your PC, with or without Oculus Rift and on the Samsung Gear VR. They have support for real time multiplayer.

The asset library can be expanded by purchasing content from designers all around the world in the Voxelus Marketplace, an online 3D asset store where users can upload 3D assets that are curated and compatible with the voxelus platform. To operate in the Marketplace users need Voxels, the official currency of VR and the only form of money used inside the Voxelus Platform.

Voxelus Creator: Available for Mac and PC, the Voxelus Creator is a super easy to use tool for creating games for VR. Create games without writing a single line of code! Download!

Voxelus Viewer: VR support: Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift for Mac and PC. Non VR version available for Mac and PC. All available versions have multiplayer support. Download!

Voxelus Marketplace Coming soon in 2016, check the crowdsale section for more information about the marketplace and The Voxel, the official currency of virtual reality. Coming Soon…


The team behind Voxelus is formed by seasoned veterans in the gaming industry and the tech world who together previously created Atmosphir, an award winning 3D games creation tool for Mac and PC. We are headquartered in Argentina with development offices Buenos Aires and Rosario.