On September 4th, during MICA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, representatives from Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Colombia and Argentina signed its approval in accordance with the project to create an “Association of Game Developers of Latin America”. The Association of Game Developers of Latin America -which still has no official name- seeks that the work and efforts of the businessmen and entrepreneurs becomes increasingly more coordinated.

“This union represents a huge step for collaboration between communities of Latin American developers. We are confident that the partnership will allow further development of our different industries with better training, fomentation, visibility and of course more great games” says Miguel Martin Executive Director of ADVA.



Consumption is good. The Latin American market, according to figures provided by ADVA, has about 191 million regulars, known players as gamers, and moves about US $ 4,000 million, with annual growth of about 18%. But for those who know the industry, certainly, Latinos must aim to be developers, because after all, everywhere, the market is increasing.