Blizzard has announced the second edition of the Copa America 2016: a tournament that will feature the famous card game Hearthstone.

The second edition of the acclaimed tournament Hearthstone for Latin America, the America Cup 2016 will feature several new, higher than the previous tournament prizes and many surprises.

Blizzard has been commissioned to bring various games through their platform. But after many hours organizing a raid in World of Warcraft, facing against our friends in Starcraft, Diablo III rifts performing or cooperating in games Heroes of the Storm, we may need a break. Hearthstone was the solution to this since the beginning of 2014, offering users a chance to kill time game. The card game became a success, and many people began to play competitively, which resulted in numerous tournaments. The result? Blizzard held the World Championship, with great prizes for players.

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The Championship was held in late 2015 and had a great reception by the people and players who attended. Blizzard announced that another will be held in 2016, with small tournaments throughout the year. Probably the most important for us it is the second edition of the Copa America, which will bring several innovations compared with the first.


For starters, every season of the Copa America will award with points to the players for 2016 Hearthstone Tour Championship and will be the main Latin competition to win a place at the World Championship. In addition, this year the final stages will take place in the city of Sao Paulo. Finally, the United States and Canada are also preparing their decks to compete this time.

The tournament will feature a total of 3 seasons, the final will always be the best of 5 and will be divided in two days, plus the Grand Final. To reach the last stages of the season, two players must classified out of the four qualifiers. The total prize pool along the tournament is US $ 25,000.


How can you sign up? The next dates for registration will be on January 19 and January 21 at 19:00, and January 23 at 14:00. Prepare your cards and join the battle!