Say Cheese!!! Stop these little thieves from eating your cheese!

These cute but annoying rats will eat your cheese if you don’t hit them right on their heads. Tap on them and swipe the cheese so you can hit all the rats on each side.

Share your score and compete with your friends! let’s see who can hit more rats before they completely eat your cheese!


Developed by Mexican NeverEnding Games the game is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store


We are a small studio with huge ideas! from Mexico to the world we love creating original and beautiful games for everyone.

Right now we are working on more games for mobile devices, and although we are kinda new, we have released two games already and they are getting on the very first places on the App Store and Google Play.

But we have huge dreams, someday (pretty soon though) we will begin our very first game for consoles, we know that you will love it, the story and the music so far is fantastic, and the art OMG! is amazing.

As a fun fact, we started a few years ago making films in Mexico, we love creating stories; one of them was a huge success and it’s on the 4th place on sales in Mexico, we hope that someday we can create this kind of success in the game industry, someday, maybe soon (fingers crossed).