Papumba, creator of the No. 1 Animal Sounds app, announces its latest play­ based learning game, ABC Toyland. Learning the alphabet has never been more fun or easier than it is with this exciting new title. ABC Toyland will transport your child into a fantastic and recognizable world of toys; all while helping him or her learn the alphabet.

Developed with the help of early childhood education specialists, ABC Toyland is ideal for children from two to five years of age, allowing them to learn their first notions of the alphabet in an entertaining, original fashion. Jumping from the idea that children learn best from things they recognize, ABC Toyland takes young ones into a fantastic world of toys in which they can safely and joyfully learn the alphabet. A collection of interactive toys combines with eight amazing games, with hilarious characters, to facilitate the learning process from A to Z.

The games within ABC Toyland include:

• Tracing activities with more than 10 amazing effects

• Color Your Name: Children color each letter of their names, adding stickers to make the learning process much more fun.

• Monsters Game: A dastardly monster chews a letter, and your child takes the broken parts and reassembles them to recreate the original letter.

• Memory Game: A super fun memory game with letters.

• Find the Letter: Find the letter and then clear all the balls covering it up.

• Robots: Each robot has a different letter – tap the robot with the correct letter.

• Clay Machine: Children can use the Clay Machine to create the shape of a letter.

• Bubbles Game: Letters are trapped inside bubbles, and your child has to tap the right bubble to unleash the correct letter.

Each game allows the child to play without any pressure, as there are no time limits, constraints on how many times the child can attempt the game, or even advertisements.

Parents can track their children’s progress through learning their ABC’s using ABC Toyland’s unique statistics section, which offers a wide range of information about how well the child is developing his or her alphabet skills.

ABC Toyland is free to download the first five letters of the alphabet, and a one­time in­app purchase will unlock the rest of the game. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play Store.

About Papumba

Papumba is a developer and publisher of educational games for mobile devices. Designed for infants and preschool children, Papumba’s titles help children develop cognitively while playing with interactive applications, all by themselves. The company’s vision is that children can learn through play and encourage their imaginations through colorful and immersive experiences. Parents can share fun experiences with their young ones while also enjoying the peace of mind of knowing that if their child plays alone, disturbing advertisements or the need for adult guidance will not interrupt the play. Papumba is play­based learning, so its applications combine different resources to help children interact directly with the object of learning while still having fun.