From HYPERBEARD, the creators of 2016’s best cat game “KleptoCats” and the team that brought you 2017’s cutest claw machine game, Clawbert, comes CHICHENS: a game that is all about tapping, you guessed it, CHICHENS!

Chichens are cute, silly little critters that go insane when you tap them and drop all sorts of fun things.

Fill each world with chichens and unlock the next one. You never know what these silly chichens are going to do!

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Born in early 2014, HyperBeard Games is a Mexican independent studio formed by 2 friends, Antonio Uribe and Juan Pablo Riebeling. They combined their programming and illustration skills in order to make what they love: Tacos and Video Games.

In March 2016, HyperBeard partnered with Apps-O-Rama to release KleptoCats which netted millions of downloads and reached the top 10 free apps in many countries around the world.

Building on this success, HyperBeard was acquired by Apps-O-Rama in June 2016 to bring their cat-like gaming awesomeness to new heights.

HyperBeard is currently focused on making fun little games that delight casual audiences on mobile platforms.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the hyperbeardos.