Junk Norris, the universe’s supreme entity, is getting a little bored. After all, there are no challenges or foes capable of entertaining him. That’s why, to solve this problem, Junk had a brilliant idea: to create the awesome… Junk Norris’ Impossible Challenges. A tournament that consist of several trials unbelievably hard to beat. Junk Norris’ Impossible Challenges is the hardest mobile game ever. Only 0.0000000001% of the players will be able to beat it. Show your (poor loser) friends that you are the one. Are you macho enough to face the tests of Junk?

The Piologo Brothers is one of the most popular Brazilian Youtube channels. Stuffed with dark humor, their rich cartoon universe had a great potential to turn on a good game. That was the initial idea behind the first partnership between Piologo Brothers and Izyplay back in 2013. That lead to the development of Mundo Canibal Apocalypse, a beat’em up game for PC published by Hoplon Infotainment (one of the most veteran Brazilian game studios). “That first contact with Piologo´s characters and their rich universe brought us great new game ideias” says the Izyplay team. “One of our favorite characters is Junk Norris, a parody of the actor Chuck Norris, his unbeatable reputation and hilarious facts. ‘This plot will make a great game’, we thought. And we were right :).”

The game consists in a tournament with impossible challenges made by Junk Norris himself. The first version counts with 9 challenges and the game will be receiving updates with new ones.

Challenge your friends through Facebook to see who is “the one”.

The game is now available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and there is also a Premium version without ads and all challenges unlocked.

About Izyplay Game Studio

Izyplay (pronounced “easy play”) is a small game studio located in Southern Brazil. Our team love to make games and bring new experiences (the good ones) to our players. We think that a game is a good opportunity to tell a great story. Our team is made up of professionals from various fields such as programmers, game designers, moms, sons, gamers, cats, dogs, artists, testers, network administrators, marketing guys and others. Our target today is to make great games for PC and mobile platforms. Do you want great game experiences? It´s IZY.