Argentinean company Blyts‘ has developed Kelvin and the Infamous Machine, a point-and-click adventure about Kelvin an always well intended but not so brilliant guy, his workplace crush, a crazy scientist and a hideous time machine that came to ruin everything.

Enraged after his lifetime investigation was ridiculed by the media, Dr. Lupin decides to be not the greatest but the only genius ever by stealing credit for humankind’s most appreciated works.

Now spacetime is being altered and humanity needs a hero… Can the bumbling Kelvin, driven by a basic understanding of right and wrong, repair the unraveling timeline? … or will he totally blow it and doom the universe to oblivion?

The game will be released on March 8th with 3 scenarios, including Newton’s, Beethoven’s and Da Vinci’s. As you can imagine, Kelvin will have to inspire these geniuses to come up with some of their most outstanding creations.

If you just can’t wait, you can ACCESS NOW in this link.