Face the real meaning of 3D games with Argentinean team INVOLUNTARY Games‘ “KIDU: A Relentless Quest”. Its puzzles and platforms, helped by the accelerometer of your mobile phone, will force your mind to focus the solution by their right perspective.

Chack, a young boy in disagreement with the school of thoughts, doesn’t fit in a pre-established society and prepares himself to go beyond the known. Will he be prepared for the truth? Will you?


Travel through 4 worlds and fourteen levels and help Chack resolve harder puzzles from the Ancient Mayans civilizations to the Forbidden Babylon.

It will make you stop to think and believe that you have not played anything like KIDU: A Relentless Quest.

“KIDU: A Relentless Quest” is now available for free on Google Play and the App Store.



INvoluntary Games Studio is an independent Videogames studio. Originally from Argentina, their tools are creativity, innovation and taking experiences to the limit. Games like “KIDU: A Relentless Quest” are symbol of that values. There is nothing INvoluntary for making this title a great treasure of playable art.