KLAUS follows an office worker who wakes up in a basement with no idea of who or where he is. With his only clue being the word “KLAUS” tattooed on his arm. He is forced to escape the mechanical & constructivist world in which he finds himself a prisoner. Another playable character: K1, a friendly brute damaged by prolonged imprisonment, embarking on an existential journey, exploring the idea of the fourth wall and awareness of the player playing the game.

KLAUS’ tight & challenging platforming takes inspiration from hyper-precise classics such as SUPER MEAT BOY & MEGAMAN and combines them with a tense and emotionally engaging narrative akin to those of LIMBO and THOMAS WAS ALONE.

With a minimalistic aesthetic and an electronic soundtrack, KLAUS will appeal to gamers both for its style and unique gameplay experience.

“Having an extended development timeline allowed us think more freely, and thus we thought of the Collectible Levels. These unique spaces represent the best of our design, as they really push the game mechanics to the brink ” says Game Designer Victor Velasco. “One such level, for example, restricts Klaus to only moving left, while the player uses the world itself to push him right. In another, four characters must be controlled at once.”


And continues, “some are just too weird to describe and you’ll have to discover them for yourselves! In all cases, we use them to go creatively crazy and bring something truly new to platforming. Other than just giving us a chance to show off some wackier ideas, the collectible levels allowed us to reward the player for discovery and exploration. Every time you pick up all six collectible pieces of a world, you gain a memory. These memories do not feature challenges, but will give the player an additional narrative experience. Basically we want to make you cry. But in a good way — we promise! These levels feature some our most beautiful artwork, and present a calm in the storm of challenging gameplay and head scratching puzzles.”

Caracas based studio LA COSA launches Klaus TODAY on PS4.