Kongregate, a leading mobile games publisher and fully-owned subsidiary of GameStop, announces that their hit action game Bullet Boy is now available on Apple TV. A Best of 2015 game on the Apple App Store, Bullet Boy is making the leap to TV with a clever redesign that keeps the focus on cannon-blasting fun. Bullet Boy is Kongregate’s first game for Apple TV.

Bullet Boy has amassed over 2 million downloads since its global launch in August 2015.  Critically acclaimed for its easy to understand mechanics and retro-style gameplay, Bullet Boy was reviewed as one of the top games of the month by Gamezebo and Heavy and received acclaim from other publications including PocketGamer and Kotaku.  The game is currently rated 4.5 stars in the Apple App Store.

Pomelo Games, Bullet Boy’s developer, has adapted the action-packed classic barrel mechanics from the mobile phone to the living room. Bullet Boy shoots, jumps and spins from cannons at the push of a button on the Apple TV remote. The  Apple TV version has a new checkpoint system that saves progress within a level for longer play sessions.

With more than 100 levels, Bullet Boy TV provides fun for kids of all ages. Players all over the world can have a blast because Bullet Boy TV is localized in 6 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.  Bullet Boy is available for purchase on Apple TV today.

About Kongregate
Kongregate is a leading mobile game publisher and web gaming portal. Kongregate’s mobile publishing focuses on free to play mid- and hard-core titles. Working closely with mobile game developers Kongregate provides consulting, analytics, marketing, launch support, and game features such as cross promotion, guilds, and chat. Kongregate’s mobile games have been downloaded over 50 million times and have hundreds of millions of gameplays.  Kongregate’s web portal features over 100,000 free games played by millions of gamers each month.  Kongregate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GameStop Corporation and is based in San Francisco. The company was founded in 2006 by brother-and-sister team Jim and Emily Greer.

About Pomelo Games
Pomelo Games is an independent game studio started by a group of friends from Montevideo, Uruguay. Pomelo Games focuses on creating highly polished and visually unique games.