GAMELAB MONTEVIDEO was the fourth Summit organized by Gamelab outside Spain, after the editions that took place in Tokyo (2014), Bergen – Norway (2014) and Shanghai (2015).

This time Gamelab landed on Latin America, and had over 500 registered attendees that enjoyed 14 speeches in a one day event from the 16 international scene guests like executives from Samsung, Google, EA ,Rovio and video game legends such as Ian Livingstone, the creator of the Tomb Rider saga, Charles Cecil, creator of the Broken Sword Saga and Gonzo Suárez, creator of the Commandos Saga. Along with these guests many of the Latin American and Uruguayan most influencial developers joined the conference:  Alvaro Azofra (Ironhide), Fernando Sansberro (Batovi Games), Max Cavazzani (Etermax), Juan Gril (Joju Games), Daniel Benmergui (Ludomancy) and Martina Santoro (Okam Studio).

“It has been a very warm and inspiring event and amazing professional and personal experience for all the team of Gamelab.” Says Founder & Managing Director, Iván Fernandez Lobo. “Our focus for the next few years is helping Latin American game developers to gain more international visibility and to connect them to business opportunities in Europe, US and Asia. There will be many more Gamelab events in LATAM and a bigger presence of the LATAM games community in our annual event in Barcelona”

Latin America is one the regions with the highest growth projection.  Gaming revenues were projected to reach $3.3 billion, or a 4% share of the worldwide total, with 185 million gamers. That revenue stream, while tiny by global standards, may spell opportunity in Latin America. Indeed, gaming revenues were forecast to post 14% expansion in the region this year, trailing only the 15% growth rate expected for Asia-Pacific.

“The Latin American developer market is an extraordinarily vibrant one, regularly producing content that rivals the best in the world. I think a key consideration for the region is exposure of the respective products and services. To this end, we’d like to position Galaxy Apps as an alternative distribution and promotion method to support the growth of the applications developed in Latin America, with a distinct bias towards indie productions that otherwise may not be featured in the traditional app stores.” says Mihai Pohontu from Samsung.

In Uruguay the industry is still young and in expansion, with no more than 20 young formalized studios and the biggest company in the country has no more than 30 people.

Even though the industry is small, is still successful: the registered app installs where more than 10.000.000 in the year 2014 with number one games on the stores. The companies have finished most of their projects and register a high percentage of intellectual property.