Last April Chilean studio Iguanabee launched MonsterBag, a kind of puzzle, platformer (If you think of people as a platform!) action game. The game is about a little blue monster called V and V’s journey to get back to his friend Nia (a charming little girl), passing through places filled with people. MonsterBag was the first Latin American game to have Sony Worldwide Studios as publisher.

But what would you do if you saw a monster approaching you? Smash it to death, of course! You’ll have to help V sneak past people, all the while being aware of where they’re looking and what particular behaviors they have. Don’t worry, he has a card up his slee… well, he has no clothes, but he’s not a powerless monster. V has some telekinetic skills that surely will be useful in more than several occasions.


“We’re looking forward to putting MonsterBag in your hands (well in your PS Vita, in your hands). Making an indie video game company from a Latin American country has been quite a challenge, but our passion has helped us cope with all the challenges that have arisen.” say Cristian González and Daniel Winkler from Iguanabee. “We love what we do, and so do all the talented folks that joined us along the way, particularly David Rioseco, Glenn Lazo, and Moises Aguilera, as well as Ronny Antares, and his PowerUp Music team”.


Since its launch it has been a great success all over the world. Digital Magazine MyGamer has chose it as one of their 5 favorite games and also the Italian site I Love Videogames also selected as one of the best 10 downloadable games of 2015.

It has had more than 600,000 downloads and it has been a revelation in Japan (under the title モンスターバッグ), with lots of fans and even fan art. It was such a big success in Japan, that Famitsu magazine dedicated a few pages:


Currently the PlayStation 4 has MonsterBag emoticons for their messaging system.

You can get your copy here.