Nebula: Sole Survivor is an exploration-focused role-playing game. From the beginning you will find yourself stranded on a stark, deadly moon of Jupiter. The Europa Moon is under a terraforming process, set in motion with the intention of bringing human colonies in a not so distant future, but an unstoppable force has been awaken. Creatures are spreading from hidden subterranean caves to the surface, devastating anything and everything in their path. The crew that was with you since the project started has been killed or got stranded trying to survive. As far as you know you are the last living member of the crew, and now you will have to fight The Infection, solving puzzles, killing enemies, and finding your way through the base. Come learn the dark story behind this fast-paced space thriller.

Bruno de Araujo is a CG Artist, product designer and programmer from Brazil, and also the creator of Nebula: Sole Survivor. He’s been living in Vancouver (Canada) and thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 Dev Grant he is now working on this project that will be released in 2017 on PC, Mac and Linux. “Being a big fan of Tim Sweeney and Epic Games, I bought in as soon as it was launched” says Bruno. ” The Dev Grant was unexpected. I saw many high quality projects getting a dev grant and recognition from Epic Games, and never thought my project was in the same “level” as these guys’. I was very happy to get the grant.”

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Bruno is now looking for a partner that could be interested in publishing the game and is also in the talks to bring it to PS4 and XBox.

You can access the OPEN BETA in this link



Bruno de Araujo is an independent game developer and the creator of Nebula: Sole Survivor. Based in Vancouver, BC. The vision that drives his work is to be an independent response to the triple-A game industry. “I’m here to show that with a little effort and a new way of thinking, it’s possible to create great games”.