Survive as much as you can. Dodge and shoot enemies to get power-ups. Grow your spaceship to gain power till filing the entire screen with it. Use Turbo mode to control difficulty. Check official up-to-date high scores online.

“Grow your spaceship and resist! NAVE (“ship” in Spanish) is a survival space-shooter, or, as we call it, a “resistance” game. Resist as much as you can by dodging enemies, shooting at them, grabbing power-ups and controlling difficulty by using the “Turbo” feature!”

¡Play it on the traveling arcade cabinet only and be part of the NAVE Arcade Experience!


NAVE is a traveling video game. What exactly is that? “In 2010, we started to program NAVE as a computer game, but then we realized that the game was meant to be played on a video game arcade machine, like those from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.” Says Hernan Saez one of it creators. “So, in 2012, we built from scratch an arcade machine with our own bare hands to put the game inside. Then we defined some key principles: there should only exist 1 single machine, the game would only be played there and we would tour around the world with it, just like a rock band, so people could enjoy it. And last but not least we would keep the scores from day one, so players would not only remain registered, but also compete against each other, even if they lived in different places. Today, over 4 years later, we made nearly 70 presentations at conventions, exhibitions, festivals, concerts and all sorts of events in different cities in Argentina and Chile. Since the beginning, the community of followers who feel NAVE as their own is growing slowly but truly. Now we just want to go further. Much further.”

“We decided to present NAVE in a classic arcade cabinet because we truly believe that is the best way to play it. Mainly because of three reasons: First, the player is standing and near the screen wich predisposes him in a special way. Second, it allows the game to become more physical and robust, enabling the player to discharge all the tension on the machine. And third, it’s ideal for short session games, where players who are waiting for their turn can watch what the current player is doing, learn new strategies from that and try to beat them. The machine was made by recycling an old generic cabinet found in a storage, where it had been abandoned for years. As the monitor still worked, we decided to use it, mainly because of budget issues, but then we realized that it gave the game a special aura. Internal wiring was also in good condition, so we kept it. We put a computer inside, did a completely new control panel, side art and marquee. To enhance the experience we added lights on each side of the screen that respond to game actions. Finally we added a coin collector for the game to operate with coins and tokens, to give the full experience even if we don’t charge for them. We were lucky to have some very talented friends to help us. We spent three months of hard work, but it was defnitely worth it.”

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ABOUT VIDEOGAMO:  Videogamo is a two men team: Máximo Balestrini and Hernán Sáez, along with several talented collaborators who help us improve our work exponentially. Our main goal is simply making those games we’d love to play. In 2010 we published our first game, Bicicletas: HOY, a “music-video game”, as we call it, for Argentinean rock band Bicicletas: in a few words a game/interactive music video. In 2011, for Christmas, we made the frst game of what we call our “Trash Series”: Holly Farts! An Explosive Christmas. And in early 2012 we published our second music-video game, for a California band: Radical Something: ESCAPE. These three game are available on our website.