Omen of Sorrow is a horror fighting game, where 12 iconic characters engage, either locally or online, in a single death match or through the unholy trial story mode to define who’ll cast its shadow over the hearts of men for the next century.

The team is led by ex-Ace Team developers (Zeno Clash 2, Rock of Ages) , with Art by the internationally acclaimed Genzoman (Double Dragon: Neon, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Hearthstone), Music by Francisco Cerda (Jamestown, Gunpoint) and the best young talent from SCL.

Gabriel - Special

The game’s combat system is intended to be challenging, deep and fluid, based on player skill rather than stats or random chance. Timing, reflex, deception and pattern recognition are emphasized, yet AOne are striving to make it accessible to new players.

Quasimodo - Grab

Using a netcode technique called rollback (the same used in GGPO), will provide the player with a near-lagless online experience.
You will also be able to fight your friends in Local Multiplayer;

Each of the environments will have a distinct mood, but darkness will always play an important role and on each level you’ll have ways to obscure your character.




Coming in 2017 to PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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