Developed by Fernando Ramallo and David Kanaga, Panoramical was selected as on of the Finalists of the Independent Games Festival (IGF) for Excellence in Audio, Excellence in Visual Art, and Nuovo Award. Also has an Honorable mention: Seumas McNally Grand Prize

In PANORAMICAL, players manipulate the look, sound, and feel of more than a dozen mesmerizing landscapes in an immersive musical adventure through space and time. Turn peaceful mountains into thumping valleys into jazz solo forests into ominous caves, turn day into night, turn oceans into deserts into atmosphere and the soundscape transforms with you. Each of the 15 unique worlds consists of 18 different audio-visual dimensions under your control.

Fernando Ramallo is an Argentine game designer and maker. He’s been an independent developer since 2010 and is always tinkering with abstract graphics, generative visuals and strange interactive installations. He is also a digital nomad and has worked on PANORAMICAL while in Argentina, Mexico, all over Europe, and in several areas of the US. He’s currently based in Portland.

David Kanaga is best known for his dynamic and procedural musical scores for island exploring Proteus and synaesthetic racing game Dyad.

The game is available for Windows and Mac and you can buy the game on Steam, Humble Store or