Set in a beautiful South American favela based in fantastical realism which highlights actual pieces by celebrity graffiti artists, Papo & Yo is a personal story by Vender Caballero, that presents a young boy, Quico, and his best friend, Monster.

Monster is a huge beast with razor-sharp teeth, but that doesn’t scare Quico away from playing with him. However, Monster has a dangerous problem: an addiction to poisonous frogs. The moment he sees one hop by, he’ll scarf it down and fly into a violent, frog-induced rage where no one, including Quico, is safe.

And yet, Quico loves his Monster and wants to save him. As Quico, you will get to know Monster by solving puzzles together and adventuring through a magical, dream-like world. You will learn to use Monster’s emotions, both good and bad, to your advantage if you want to complete your quest for a cure and save your pal.

Through a unique mix of gameplay and interactive narrative, players explore the complex relationships between Quico, Monster, Lula and Alejandra.

Papo & Yo is available on the PlayStation® Network, Steam (Windows only),Humble Store (DRM-free Mac, Linux and Windows) and other digital distributors. The original soundtrack by La Hacienda Creative is currently available on the iTunes, Steam and PlayStation® Network. Systems: PlayStation® NetworkWindows (Steam and DRM-free) Mac and Linux (DRM-free).