PayPal and VG Chile invite you to the First PayPal workshop of its kind in Latin America and first edition in Chile. Aimed at programmers and developers experts in electronic commerce. The objective of the workshop is to train the first generation of developers certified by PayPal in the region. After the workshop, there will be an assessment and will be certified to accredit developer. Space is extremely limited, so we further confirmation.


1) BPES / best practices for integrating PayPal and benefits of doing good integration

Review and explanation of the generic mockup
Review and explanation of BPE in Excel
Review and explanation of 21 points before going into production (Checklist)
2) Characteristics of PayPal

Express Checkout
EC + Shortcut
Reference Transactions
Mobile App Dev using mEC
3) Use Cases and scenarios on different platforms PayPal

Reference use cases Transactions with and without recurrence
Use cases Shortcut
Use Cases Future Payments (Mobile)

The Workshop will take place at the CENTRO DE EMPRENDIMIENTO TELEFÓNICA OPEN FUTURE, URBAN STATION this January 18th from 4PM to 8PM. REGISTER HERE!