Pixowl, a leading creator of casual mobile games, today announced that is celebrating the fifth anniversary of THE SANDBOX franchise, its acclaimed 2D pixel-art world building mobile game, with a limited time discount of 80% off The Sandbox Evolution for iOS and Android devices. While the core game is free to play, the fully unlocked version of The Sandbox Evolution with all elements available normally sells for $4.99 on mobile and $9.99 on PC—but from May 15th–30th, the unlocked game is available for just $0.99 on mobile and $1.99 on PC.

TSBEvolution - World Destruction

With over 26 million downloads, The Sandbox Evolution has established itself as the premier destination for creative players who want to craft, build, and even destroy their own pixel worlds. In the game, players can manipulate and discover over 350 elements ranging from ambient life to platforms, enemies, electronics and fantastic creatures. Players can even add controllable heroes, including characters from popular franchises such as Shrek, Ghostbusters and PAC-MAN. Whether it’s an art-based pixel scene, a physics experiment, or a game world where players can create their own platforming or shooter game levels, the sky’s the limit in The Sandbox Evolution.

When we launched The Sandbox five years ago we hoped to spark creativity by empowering players to create their own 2D pixel worlds—it’s incredibly heartwarming that over 26 million players have enjoyed The Sandbox Evolution,” said Arthur Madrid, CEO of Pixowl. “We’re continuing to expand the sandbox for creating and sharing vibrant new game worlds. We encourage creative minds to take advantage of this special offer and we’ll have even more exciting news about a new title to share with players soon.

Several stats stand out to confirm the game’s premier status with makers:

▪ Happy players: The game has an average rating of 4.5 stars with over 115,000 reviews
▪ Time well spent: A whopping three billion hours (more than 342,000 years!) have been spent creating and playing game worlds
▪ Sharing is caring: Pixel game worlds can not only be created but shared for other players to rate and enjoy. Over two million worlds have been shared with other players.
▪ Constant evolution: Pixowl has released 77 game updates, averaging one every three weeks, so players always have new content to play
▪ More ways to play: With more than 10 game modes the game features more depth than other competitive titles, including the ability to create and play Shooter games, Platformer games, Physics games and elements, Electronics, Music making, and more

TSBEvolution - 11 Create Modes

The Sandbox Evolution is continually evolving with frequent game and content updates. In the near future players can look forward to more updates including the Brainiac update that will allow players to craft advanced contraptions and assemble controllable interactive bodies, Ecology 2 with more natural catastrophes and weather effects, a new Miner controllable character that will be able to dig blocks and craft tools, and popular Celebrity characters that can be used to populate game worlds. Players who purchase the game unlock at the current discounted price will be eligible to receive all the new updates, so jump into the sandbox today and start creating and playing!

To learn more about The Sandbox Evolution, visit the game website and join the growing community of nearly 750,000 fans on Facebook at facebook.com/thesandboxgame and follow them on Twitter at @thesandboxgame or YouTube at youtube.com/user/thesandboxgame/videos.

About Pixowl

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with development studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pixowl, Inc. is a mobile game development company. Pixowl’s experienced international team of dynamic innovators strives to meet and exceed the desires of mobile game players worldwide by blending exciting gameplay, comic book art and character-driven storylines. With the success of its mobile games including The SandboxPeanuts: Snoopy’s Town Tale and Garfield: Survival of the Fattest, Pixowl has already established itself as a leader in casual mobile games and IP-based games. For more information on Pixowl, please visit www.pixowl.com or join us on Facebook and on Twitter at @pixowl.

About The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution, developed by Pixowl, is an acclaimed 2D pixel-art world builder mobile game that has been downloaded over 26 million times. Fans and community have the opportunity to craft, build and destroy their very own pixel worlds. Players can manipulate and discover over 300 elements (such as ambient life, traps, platforms, enemies, electronics, fantastic creatures, medieval armies, decorations, etc.) and interactions, and add controllable heroes, including ones from popular franchises such as Shrek, Ghostbusters and PAC-MAN. To download The Sandbox Evolution, visit http://www.thesandbox2.com.