Our Heritage is the name of a video game being developed in Costa Rica, to create awareness of the causes and effects of climate change.

The game is set in 2050 in a middle class apartment building. Temperatures are intense and erratic because of global warming. Most people have moved to cities and these have grown considerably.

Most buildings include a variety of services and facilities to avoid its inhabitants dangers from the outside.

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Amy is innocent, curious and adventurous. From her point of view, the planet is not better nor worse than it was in the past because it´s where she has lived and has no other point of reference. Amy loves to explore and navigate; draw maps from both fictional and real places. Her thirst for adventure leads her to investigate and find clues to solve the puzzles that get on her way; It´s in this quest, where you will find information on how planet Earth was in 2015.

Explore all over the building and find pictures to complete the puzzle. Talk to Amy´s family for answers and clues.

This project is funded by the Franco-German Cultural Fund and is implemented thanks to the partnership between the Fair Play Labs Team and the Libertad Park Center for Technology and Visual Arts (CETAV), with the aim of developing a video game to raise awareness on climate change and its severe consequences.

Play and discover the climate experience of 2050. DOWNLOAD PROTOTYPE NOW! Download for Win and for Mac