By Camila Montagner for Outra Cidade

The programming of the 2016 edition of Brazil’s Independent Game Festival (BIG) will also feature a discussion on the creative use of urban space in São Paulo. The Playable City program, which seeks to develop playful ways to make more livable, accessible and human cities, will be the subject of a panel that will meet Mark Leaver, development director, Giselle Beiguelman (artist and professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the USP), Carla Costa (Porto Digital), Sergio Miletto (president of ADESAMPA) and Guto Requena (architect and researcher). The event is the result of a partnership between the British Cultural Center Watershed -creator of Playable City- and the British Council.

This is not the first activity of the program in Brazil, which already held a workshop in Recife together with Porto Digital. In nine days, a site was created where users could register their starting desired points and arrival for river taxi routes, an event in which a boat crossed the river covered in LED lights that changed color when they passed a point where many people had added markers and also a preview of the mapping on a table, which could monitor and manipulate the navigation of a boat.

long exposure photography boat moving in Recife (Press Release / Watershed)

The initiative seeks new ways to articulate art, society, technology and culture in the urban context. Andrea Perrotti, organizer of the event, held academic papers dealing with the relationship with space in early childhood education, but she points out that the Playable City also seeks to make adults use public places in a playful manner. “It’s not just for kids, everyone can look at the city otherwise. Why can not it be a fun space? Why can not have other uses? “.

The Playable City, which has produced amazing results in England, Japan and Nigeria, will also be explored in a workshop for selected participants. The idea is to bring together people who already work with urban interventions and recreational activities, such as artists, architects, designers and game developers. Roni Hirsch (the Ere Lab) and the artist Narcelio Grud (Fortaleza) are among the participants already confirmed.

The workshop aims to promote the exchange of experiences and investigate the possibilities of urban intervention, considering the specific situation of. The particularities of each place are the basis for creating solutions or recreational stimuli, as in the case of Urbanimals project, winner of the 2015 edition of the International Playable City Award. Projections of animals were installed in dark streets and places frequented little to stimulate the creation of familiarity with areas that were previously ignored in Bristol, England.

The BIG + Playable City Panel !Creative Approaches to a smarter city” will take place at 5 PM  on July 1st, at São Paulo Cultural Centre, Room Adoniram Barbosa (Rua Vergueiro, 1000 – Paradise). The participation is open and free.

The Workshop: Playable City will take place on the same venue on July 2, from 14 to 17:30
free event, please register here to participate.