If you are an established developer and have always wanted to develop on the PlayStation® platform, you may want to check out PlayStation’s Latin America Incubation Program. The Incubation Program allows the incubating developer to accelerate their technical “know-how” on actual PlayStation development hardware with the PlayStation® SDK, and to have access to Developer Support resources.



Here are some thoughts about the program from Latin developers:

Claudio Pinto, from Fair Play Laboratories (Costa Rica): “Thanks to the incubation program we could access the technology and gain the experience that led us to become licensed developers PS® and publish our first title on PlayStation Network. We thank Sony for the excellent opportunity to participate in these programs. ”

“The incubation program allowed Sabarasa to start working with different platforms from Sony. This first step gave us the knowledge to be able to offer development services for these platforms” says Javier Otaegui, from Sabarasa (Argentina). “The people behind the Incubation Program are formidable. Indeed helped our engineers to understand and master the hardware. ”

“The incubation program helped us easily get development kits, which allowed us to demonstrate our abilities by developing prototypes. After we build our internal structure to manage new projects for the console, we were ready -and were very fortunate- to find a company that trusted us our first development service “.
Lucas Wall, QB9 (Argentina).

For more information about the incubation program developers can send an expression of interest to:developer_incubation@playstation.sony.com and check out this website with all the FAQs (in Spanish and Portuguese). Don’t forget to Check Out the Facebook Fan page with all the latest news and releases.