Posibillian Tech, a tech company developing apps and video-games in Paraguay, is exhibiting the game FHACKTIONS at Casual Connect Asia in Singapore(May 16th -18th ), where it will be competing at the international indie video-game competition BIG INDIE PRIZE. Later it will be present at The Next Web Amsterdam from the May 18th to 19th.

FHACKTIONS, is a location based MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) for mobile phones, where the players can create or join a faction of hackers and must conquer servers located in actual points of cities around the world. Once conquered, they will be rewarded with virtual money or experience points as well as actual prizes. Battles up to 12 simultaneous players per server point will create higher traffic to shops and stores that will join this venture.

These are not the first events where Fhacktions was displayed. The video game was exhibited at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) in March this year in San Francisco, in front of thousands of developers from all over the world.