Christian Fernando Perucchi is a video games, films and media music composer and sound designer, who has studied traditional and electroacoustic composition, and then film music composition with several teachers like Eric Kuschevatzky and Rafael de Moro). He adds: “I still have online lessons with composer Mike Verta who is a great Hollywood composer, director and Vfx creator for films, and a great guy too!”

He has  worked on:

  1. Small Cowboys

  2. Last Carnival – OST

  3. Party Of Heroes

  4. Battle of Littledom – (rip loop version)

  5. Metegol Soundtrack (IOS)

  6. Teaser Music for Fanfilm

You can check out his full portfolio here.

And some of his work here:


If you want to contact Christian, you can reach him through LinkedIn, BandCamp or Facebook