Florencia Orsetti (also known as Lunatika) has been a heavy supporter of the Latin American games industry for more than two years, helping to promote, test and by giving advice on several projects, most of them horror-themed videogames.


She nourished her interest in the Argentinian and Latin American Games industry as a game journalist. Nowadays, Florencia is one of the most prolific videogame writers of Argentina, having contributed in most of the biggest gaming outlets of the country. She’s also the owner and Editor of SHD, the biggest Spanish-speaking community that covers horror videogames. On behalf of SHD, Florencia’s been covering the dynamics of the Latin American horror games scene for more than five years by publishing reviews, news and interview articles.

During the last two years, Florencia’s been working as a bilingual (English-Spanish) freelance PR and social media manager, helping Latin devs reach wider international audiences. She’s worked for many Argentinian studios, including Senscape Interactive, Saibot Studios and Shoor Games. She’s also part of the PR team at ADVA (the Argentine Game Developers Association), where she’s been putting in efforts to promote the Association’s flagship events, visited by thousands of attendees.

Florencia also works as a freelance videogame translator. Her most notably work is the Latin American Spanish translation for Sunset, the latest adventure game by critically acclaimed Belgian studio Tale of Tales.