Francisco Badilla (Badillafloyd) is an emergent illustrator and concept artist that lives in Santiago, Chile. His four year experience is strongly built around the rising Chilean game industry, participating in projects such as Mitos y Leyendas (TCD), Causa: Voces del Ocaso (CCG), Hellfire (CCG) and Crónicas de combate: La guerra del Pacífico (FPS).


Currently, Badillafloyd is working as illustrator and art director at In Vitro Games, developing Defenders of Ekron, a multi platform game nominated by Famitsu Magazine as Best Indie Game during the Tokyo game Show 2015. Badillafloyd is also an active member in the graphic collective “BAZOFIA” and works developing art for indie bands (Cácel, 21 Gramos) and science fiction book covers (Blue Corsair / Australia). He’s the co-creator of the ODE universe (Origen del Edén), a place where he unleashes his strong interest for futuristic fantasy and visual narrative.


His major influences are japanese artists like Katsuhiro Otomo, Tatsuyuki Takana and Yoji Shinkawa. Also western artists like H.R. Giger, Jean Giraud and Ashley Wood. Badillafloyd has published his works in trending platforms such as 2D artist “World Artists”, KOTAKU “Fine Art” and the digital magazine “Portal Ciencia Ficción”. Also, he’s done lectures and workshops at universities about Digital Painting and Concept Art.

Check out his latest work here and  here