Laia Bee started her artistic career as a DJ with gigs in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Tokyo.
She began producing electronic music and signed for some electronic labels, and made a live show integrating movement sensors to alter music on dj sessions.
Her passion for video games made her start making music for some indie studios and on 2014 she co-founded Pincer Game Studios with her friends Pablo and Juanma. Now she takes care of all the non development aspects of the studio (besides music & fx ) with their game Fighters of Fate: a mobile multiplayer card battler.
Pincer Games is one of the 8 indie studios incubated by Ingenio in Uruguay, and she also participates actively in many industry activities such as workshops to get girls involved in the development scene and helped in the organization of Gamelab in Montevideo with other experienced studios”
If you like to listen to her work, follow the links:

And this is a theme that was edited in a famous label and she used effects from Killer Instict buy nobody ever noticed:

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