Santiago “Mono” Gonzalez , is a music producer and sound designer from Colombia. His career in the music industry goes back to 2002, when he was part of Koyi K Utho, a colombian industrial metal band. In 2004, while he was studying for his bachelor degree in music and audio production, EMI Music singed his band for five years, also Gibson Guitars gave him a sponsorship.

In 2008, Immersion Games (Efecto Studios) approached him and hired him to produce the music and audio design for CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars. After that, he joined the studio full time, and became the Audio Lead for their next title, AAA: Heroés del Ring, the first latin american retail game for PS3 and Xbox360.


By 2010, he joins Brainz as their one man audio army. With them, he worked in Vampire Season, Social Street Soccer and Mark of the Dragon, all for mobile platforms. Lastly, in late 2013 he became part of Cocodrilo Dog Games, and with Brainz as co-producer, produced Audio Ninja, another mobile game. Since 2014 he has been working in two other projects with Cocodrilo Dog that haven’t been released yet.

Santiago, is a versatile composer, which is the key in the video game industry. If you want to hear some of his music for video games, you can find some samples in this link: