Patricio Meneses is a Music Producer, Composer, Arranger and professional pianist who has more than 30 years of experience in music. He has composed the music for all of ACE Team‘s games, including ‘Zeno Clash‘ / ‘Zeno Clash 2‘, ‘Rock of Ages‘, ‘Abyss Odyssey‘ and ‘The Deadly Tower of Monsters‘. His years of experience and knowledge translates in to a very solid and unique style that is present in all his work.

“The beauty of developing music for games is that I have to capture musical landscapes in different styles. I have to research the musical ages and periods in which these titles are set, and work with the instruments and elements of such periods. This translates in to a very interesting mix of styles like rock, classical and symphonic music, all which allows me to be very creative, making original melodies that the listener can relate to”.

Patricio also produces, composes and plays music for Santiago’s ballet company at the Municipal Theater of Santiago. “Many times when I’m improvising music at the company I capture ideas that sometimes are included in the original compositions I develop for games. There is a definite synergy between both fields.” Patricio ends.

Here you can enjoy some of his work here:





Here are the complete OSTs:


And if you want to play the Games don’t miss the opportunity to get them on Steam: ROCK OF AGES, ZENO CLASHZENO CLASH2,  ABYSS ODYSSEYDEADLY TOWER OF MONSTERS
You can contact Patricio through LinkedIn HERE.