Zueira Digital is a video game publisher focused on bringing the best games developed in Brazil to the hands of gamers around the world. Founded by four passionate indie developers, they aim to increase the incredibly creative Brazilian indie scene’s visibility and reach.

It all started back in 2007 when a dreamy group of college friends came to terms with this fact: they must make video games for a living. From this dream Aduge Studio was born and those hip kids stuck together for over 5 years. They developed several experimental narrative-driven games and in 2012 tried to publish their first commercial product, Qasir al-Wasat.

In 2014, after the studio disbanded, the four of them who remained in Curitiba came to terms with this fact: there’s more to making video games happen than making video games. They enrolled in a local University business acceleration program and took matters seriously. This time, video games are going to happen.

In 2015 they published Relic Hunters Zero by Rogue Snail.

If you are a developer interested in contact them you can write to: VERMONDE@ZUEIRADIGITAL.COM