The Argentinean Video Game Developer Association (ADVA) invites you to be part of the first edition of NanoEVA of the year, an open discussion and knowledge sharing space, 100% FREE.

Share information, experiences, ideas and projects on game development: from what is the best marketing strategy to how to implement a technique of mapping; whatever you want!

Different to the mother event (EXPO EVA), NanoEva uses an Open Space format so that everyone can propose topics of interest. At the time to get together, each of the participants who so desires propose topics, which will be voted among all and then form discussion groups for each selection.

The event will take place this Friday 3 from 19:00 to 22:00 (ART) at the Cultural San Martín (Sarmiento 1551, Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

Admission is free but requires prior registration. Register in this link.

ABOUT Argentine Game Developers Association – ADVA

Founded in 2004, the Argentine Game Developers Association (ADVA) is a non-profit organization made up of both game development companies and industry professionals. Its main goal is to promote the growth of the entertainment software industry in Argentina. ADVA aims to do this through the following channels:

  • Networking: Regular bimonthly meetings.
  • Clustering: Business promotion between affiliates.
  • Exhibitions and PR: Combined press efforts, and the Argentine Videogames Expo.
  • Government: Active role in the promotion of specific legislation and the implementation of the national strategic plan for the software industry, which includes subsidies to help companies grow.

ADVA is the main contact point for every international company or individual interested in seeking new opportunities for game development in Argentina. Learn more