Puzzle Beat , a new mobile game that challenges players to solve brain melting puzzles in a hypnotic world ruled by jazz music, launches for Android and iOS. Developed by Plastic Dreams an indie studio based in Uruguay and inspired by the 1940s jazz scene, Bebop Puzzle Beat ’s stylized, colorful graphics and smooth soundtrack are a feast for the senses.

In Bebop Puzzle Beat , players join Bosco, Miles, Hot, and Jelly on a mission to rescue the band’s lead singer, Mila who has been kidnapped by an evil shapeshifting wizard. The game takes players through an unforgettable musical journey jampacked with 120 intricate puzzles and 6 different worlds spanning dangerous forests, exciting fairs, gigantic towers, and even the Land of Magic itself. Players must help the band find Mila and get back in time to perform at the Puzzle Cafe!

Bebop Puzzle Beat’s brightlycolored tiles can only be cleared with matching sets. Doing so may seem easy at first, but what if the board suddenly starts to spin? Gain access to more than 12 different special powerups, and use them strategically to complete each puzzle’s objective. Having fast hands (and even faster minds) is the only way to advance and beat the game’s 6 unique boss fights.

“ Bebop Puzzle Beat is a different kind of puzzle game,” says Emiliano Sierra, CEO of Plastic Dreams. “We start with a jazz band missing its lead vocalist, get introduced to a cute black cat and then everything goes crazy with color and sound. We’re sure players will love the jazzy atmosphere, unique worlds, and intense puzzlesolving mechanics in the game.”

Bebop Puzzle Beat is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The game is free with in app purchases.

About Plastic Dreams
Founded in 2004, Plastic Dreams is a game studio from San Carlos, Uruguay that focuses on developing games for desktop, mobile and web with an emphasis on delivering creative, artistic, and memorable experiences to players. When Plastic Dreams is not creating new games, the team likes to go around causing trouble! To learn more about Plastic Dreams, please visit http://studioplasticdreams.com