Welcome to 2016! The future is now! Download SANDBOX’s NEW UPDATE and add new Tech elements which give powerful new effects to your world’s creation: Force Field, Teleporters,Tech Trooper, E. Resonator and 4 new decorations: Tesla Coil, AutoTurret, Ultramodern Building and Headquarters.

Play with the new features: Teleport yourself!, shoot lasers to kill your enemies, build your HQ protected with a force field, and more…


Developed by Argentinean team PIXOWLThe Sandbox, which literally takes place in a sandbox, is a unique game based entirely on the four classical elements and the laws of physics. The player takes the role of “Deity apprentice” and sets about creating his or her own universe through the exploration of resources such as lightning, lava, sand, glass, and many others. Players will delight at the variety of missions they’ll encounter, from simple tasks like using water and sand to make mud, to more complex challenges like making a battery or building an electrical circuit.

The game was selected best of the AppStore both in 2012 and 2013, and has millions of downloads.

It is available on AppStore, Google Play and Steam.