On Saturday, September 5, at the Movistar Arena, was held the classification for the World League of Legends, where the Chilean-Argentine team KLG faced the Brazilians PNG.

Two weeks before the International Challenge 2015, the global competition of popular League of Legends, and all the tickets for the Movistar Arena (that can accommodate up to 10,000 people) were sold out.

Flickr/ Gonzalo Follía
Flickr/ Gonzalo Follía

This time, the two teams were Kaos Latin Gamers (KLG), the Chilean-Argentine quintet that was crowned champion of Latin American South, and the Brazilian Pain Gaming (PNG).



The Movistar Arena doors opened at 10:00 am on Saturday, September 5, to welcome the thousands of people who would witness the event live, while enjoying other activities as an area of ​​tattoos, posters signings and an spectacular contest of Cosplay, among others.

About an hour before the first game, it was announced the winners of the cosplayers’ contest. The first place was for Thresh, the second was for Ashe, while the third was for Rengar, all with elaborate costumes, even with lights to give an impression of reality to the characters of the game.

At 15:00 hrs, the presentation began with fireworks and great expectations from the public, most of which supported the local KLG. In addition, the event was seen live via streaming where several thousand of people around the world got to see it.

The games were disputed with BO5 “Best of five” format, which means winning the best of five games. During the three games played, the Brazilian team played with an attacking style, thanks to which he mastered the map and control objectives.

Finally, the strategies in the game and communication between players PNG, let take the victory, achieving a 3-0 after nearly three hours, thus ensuring his attempted pass into World Championship League of Legends.


Despite the defeat, the event was unforgettable for all attendees who shared the thrill of being part of one of the biggest events and shocking video games that have been made on the continent.