Stay on the water and do as many turns as you can! Just tap the screen to change the direction of the kitten. Try not to fall off the edges! Discover Legendary Cats and explore new handcrafted worlds!


How far can you go? Do as many zigzags and see if you can beat your friends high score in the online leader boards!

Collect over 32 famous & pop art inspired characters!


Experience the world of Splashy Cats… Completely Free to play on iOS and Android TODAY!

About Artik Games

Artik Games is an independent games and entertainment studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina just a few blocks from San Telmo and the famous Boca Juniors Football Stadium!
We’re passionate about entertainment industry and believe in creating amazing quality games filled with fun, action and adventure! We form a stellar hardworking team with years on creating amazing products and services that our fans love. Our team includes top artists and designers, ninja code developers, community, marketing and business folks. We’re a fun crowd and have a laid-back office that suits creative and energetic people. We’re a truly collaborative workplace where all team members get a say in game design and development.