The Watchmaker is an innovative third-person game, developed in Unreal Engine 4 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One that mixes puzzles and adventure in a challenging series of levels full of riddles, action and mystery.

In the game, you are Alexander, who is trapped in a steampunk world, similar to a large clock mechanism, where your mission is to not only repair it, but to discover why you are there and who has sabotaged it. But not everything is so simple. Alexander is aging quickly due to the collapsed time, the fight is not just against the saboteur: it’s against time itself.


The game is developed by Chilean team Micropsia Games, who has managed to finance the game with various projects of the company, private contributions and credits. Another contribution was the Unreal Dev Grants fund of Epic Games, which is given to small companies that use their tools (The Watchmaker runs with Unreal Engine 4). Micropsia Games is the first and only Chilean company that has won this funding.

The Watchmaker has been presented in international fairs such as the Game Developers Conference in the United States, MIGS in Canada, Gamescom in Germany and Tokyo Game Show in Japan.



Micropsy Games has an agreement with the Russian company 1C Publishing and the Japanese Cross Function, who will be in charge of the translation, diffusion and marketing, but not of the development of the game. While 1C will promote the game on PC and translate the game into six languages, Cross Function will handle the Japanese version.

With the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Micropsia also seeks to advertise the game and show it to a wide audience.

According to Marco González, Co Founder of Micropsia, “the game is at 75% of development. It takes a couple of months of work and one more month for polishing.” The game as a whole plans to be launched mid 2017. Help fund the USD 30,000 in this link:

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