Brasil Game Show 2015, held from October 8 to 12 at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, has set new records and was consolidated as the largest edition of the main game show in Latin America. The event brought together in the five days 300,138 visitors – 18.64% more than last year, when it reached 252,966 visitors – and exhibited to the public more than 100 releases.

In an area of about 70 thousand m², the public could meet the international distinguished guests – such as Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s XBOX Division, and Yoshinori Ono, producer of the game Street Fighter V – join and follow several tournaments, take pictures with cosplayers, visit the exhibition “The Videogame Evolution”- which brought together classic consoles, games and accessories, in addition to rarities –, have fun in the arcade games area, know the most famous youtubers in Brazil personally, acquire numerous products in official stores and play a lot in stations equipped with games for consoles, PCs, mobile devices and virtual reality glasses.

Some of the international guests that participated include: Alex Ionescu (project leader of Star Wars Battlefront), Erick Baka (XBOX manager for Latin America), Jay Peuryear (development director of the brand Call of Duty), Meagan Marie (executive of Rise of The Tomb Raider), Peter Rosas (associate producer of Street Fighter V), Phil Spencer (head of Microsoft’s XBOX Division) and Yoshinori Ono (Producer of Street Fighter V) between many others.


  • Brasil Game Cup

The e-Sports, or electronic sports, also had an important place at BGS. Highlight to Brasil Game Cup (BGC), the Dota2 tournament held on a giant stage in front of an audience for 4,000 people and total awards of R$60,000. The dispute between eight teams – 5 Brazilian, 2 Peruvian and one Argentinian – acclaimed the twice champion paiN Gaming, which won the final by 3 to 0 and guaranteed a prize of R$40,000. T. Show team was the second place and took home R$15,000. The Keyd Stars got the third place and the award of R$ 5,000.

  • Capcom Pro Tour

In addition to the BGC, the main championship carried out during BGS, several disputes excited the booths of Expo Center Norte. Among them the Capcom Pro Tour, at PlayStation booth, which put more than 50 challengers face-to-face at the game Ultra Street Fighter IV and acclaimed the Brazilian Keoma Pacheco, simply known as Keoma, as the champion. In the finals, he beat the Japanese Tatsuya Haitani, regarded in Japan as a legend of fighting games. With the victory, Keoma ensured a place in the world championship “Street IV”, which will be held in December in San Francisco (USA).

  • Brazilian phase of Just Dance World Cup

Ubisoft reserved a stage for the audience dancing with Just Dance and, more than that, for trying a spot for the second edition of the game World Cup, which will be held in Paris, on October 26. Sixteen competitors assured a spot in the Brazilian phase final and took the stage on October 12 seeking the trip to Paris with all expenses paid by Ubisoft and the chance to compete for the world title. After an exciting contest against the gamer from Ceará Alisson Freitas, the gamer from Minas Gerais Kelvin Jaeder da Rocha Santos, 21 years, won the competition. He was the fourth placed in the 2014 world competition, and now he will have one more chance to become the best Just Dance player on the planet.

  • FIFA 16 Tournaments 

The big Brazilian sports passion also had disputes during the days of BGS. The Warner Bros. booth hosted daily tournaments of FIFA 16, when visitors could measure their skills in the latest edition of the famous soccer game franchise. The same occurred at YouTube booth, which brought together youtubers to play the game matches.

  • XBOX Competitions 

Another booth that featured tournaments was the XBOX. There, the BGS visitors had the opportunity to compete in a wide variety of games, to please all tastes. In addition to FIFA 16, there were competitions in the game Forza 6 for racing fans. For those that enjoy shooting games, Gears of War Ultimate Edition was available. Finally, the fighting games fanatics were able to measure forces in several rounds of the game Killer Instinct.

Actions with cosplayers, youtubers and fans
BGS had an area dedicated to those who like cosplay, with a stage for photos, dressing rooms and lockers. The area received hundreds of cosplayers who showed their costumes and creativity.
The Meet & Greet space brought together personalities from the world of games and e-Sports, which could interact with the public in the space. There, we had Yoshinori Ono, also the presenter of BGS videos (available on the ), Kenya Sommerfeld, and members of e-Sports teams like paiN Gaming, Isurus, Keyd Stars, Santos.Dex, IntZ, Not Today, Artic Gaming and T.Show.
The participation for the first time of two companies specialized in streaming also deserved highlight. YouTube took advantage of BGS to present its YouTube Gaming platform, dedicated to the gamer audience. They also took to the event several youtubers and promoted interactions between the stars and their fans. Azubu showed their commitment to the Brazilian gaming community and, besides taking streamers to their booth, they also organized matches of several games open to the public.

Indie Pavilion
Twenty-six independent game development studios occupied the 36 booths of the indie area of BGS 2015, five times bigger than last year’s area. The space drew the visitors’ attention, which had a strong presence and learned the work of the following producers: 2Dverse, Data Realms, Digi Ten Studio, DNAe Studio, Duaik Entretenimento, Flux Game Studio, Garage 227 Studios, G2E, Maxlab Studios, Messier, Odin Game Studio, Overlord, Penguin Spot, Pipa Combate, Reload Game Studio, Requiem Studio, Rising Digital Entertainment, Samaritan Studios, Sebrae PB, Smyowl, Streamy, Too Nerd to Die, Tree of Dreams, Unique Entretenimento Digital and Void Studios.

The Videogame Evolution
Another great highlight of Brasil Game Show 2015 was the exhibition “The Videogame Evolution”, which told the games story through about 120 consoles and accessories from the personal collection of Marcelo Tavares, CEO and founder of BGS, and the greatest videogame collector in Brazil. Since rare items to next-generation consoles, it was a great opportunity to take a closer look at videogames of all generations and be in contact with devices that not even were sold in Brazil.
Alongside the exhibition, one of the most attended areas was the arcade games, with 80 machines equipped with classic arcade games from the 90’s available to the public.

The ninth edition of BGS is already confirmed and has new dates and place: it will be held from September 1 to 5, at São Paulo Expo, which is receiving investments in the amount of R$ 300 million and will be the most modern exhibition center in Brazil.
The date change is an attempt to anticipate more releases and present the visitors an even greater number of products unpublished. The new place has a large garage building, with 4.5 thousand parking positions, in addition to an advanced system of air-conditioning and Wi-Fi.

About Brasil Game Show – held for the first time in 2009 in the capital of Rio de Janeiro as Rio Game Show, BGS is on its way to its ninth edition.  In 2016, the largest game show of Latin America, and the second largest games event in the world in used area, will be held from September 1 to 5, at São Paulo Expo, the largest and most modern exhibition center in Brazil.