Tower defense games generally encourage players to build and upgrade as much towers as they can to protect a specific point in the map. ‘My Tower, My Home‘, the latest video game from Argentinian studio Shoor Games, puts players on the shoes of a hero who must protect a unique tower… THE tower, his home. Be ready to resist the most fiercest hordes of enemies, who won’t rest until they blow up the tower core.

My Tower, My Home includes (obviously) a co-op mode in which the main hero fights alongside a droid, controlled by player 2, whose skills are designed to play as support. The style of play of the coop mode is designed to require a great synergy between players’ abilities. United, you will never be defeated!
Developer Shoor Games describes the title as a mixture between a tower defense game and a shooter-platformer. The high level of customization of each character simply adds a RPG-like feeling to the gameplay experience along with a strong strategic component.

My Tower, My Home is hitting Steam on March 16th. Are you ready to fight tooth and nail to defend your home? The most hardcore players will qualify.